Greg Elliott

I'm Greg, founder of Empirical, a company I started with Aaron Zinman. We're building a platform to change the landscape of data and communication.

Academically, I was a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab and I have a previous M.S. from ACE (Arts Computation Engineering interdisciplinary program) in the Informatics & Computer Science department at UCI. I have a B.S. in Cognitive Science and Computation from UCSD.

In industry, I'm a coder / user-experience designer. I've worked with all sorts of companies, from the big guys like Dell, The BBC, and Steelcase to the counter culture innovators like Thunderdog Studios, Behance and Obsessable. I tend to take on Assistant Creative Director roles as a consultant, guiding startups and established companies alike to not only create amazing products, but also to help them do so quickly and easily. If you need some great ideas, and someone with the ability to both invent them and make them into fully demo-able prototypes or final products, I was the guy to contact.

My SO, Alicia Engman, is the CEO of Hammers and Heels - they design manufacture furniture and lighting right here in the USA using eco-friendly materials.